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SENEQUE Olivier, Université Grenoble Alpes – CEA, France

Peptides and lanthanide(III) complexes: a successful mix for luminescence and MRI imaging


Olivier Sénèque completed a PhD from the University of Orsay (Paris XI) under the supervision of Prof. Olivia Reinaud in 2002, working on supramolecular models of zinc proteins. Then, he spent two postdoctoral years in the group of Pascale Delangle at the CEA-Grenoble where he developed small peptides models of copper(I) and mercury(II)-binding proteins. He was then appointed as a CNRS researcher in 2004 in Grenoble. He was interested in understanding the reactivity of zinc finger sites in various stress conditions (oxidative stress, metallic stress) using peptide-based structural models of these sites. Then, capitalizing on its experience in zinc finger peptide design, he started developing luminescent probes for Zn2+ relying on lanthanide(III) luminescence, and more generally lanthanide and peptide-based probes for biological imaging.