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VALENSIN Daniela, University of Siena, Italy

Exploring the effects of Cu(II)/Cu(I) interaction with proteins associated to neurodegeneration


Daniela Valensin is an Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy at the University of Siena in the field of CHIM/03 – General and Inorganic Chemistry. The research activity of Prof. Daniela Valensin has spanned from 1999 to the present and is characterized by 112 publications in international journals, including original articles, reviews, proceeding papers, and book chapters. Her research can be summarized in five main lines: (i) molecular and functional investigations of interactions between natural compounds and proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease; (ii) structural characterization of interactions between amyloidogenic proteins and metal ions; (iii) structural characterization of interactions between metal ions and peptide fragments derived from metalloproteins involved in metal ion homeostasis; (iv) studies on the coordination complexes of biologically active molecules with Zn(II) and Cu(II); (v) development of quality control methodologies in a circular bio-economy system. Prof. Daniela Valensin has collaborated with several researchers and institutions worldwide which have enriched her research and expanded the scope of her work contributing significantly to the understanding of various aspects of chemistry and its applications in health, nutrition, and the environment.